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Wooden Hardware & Parts

Antique reproduction furniture hardware is not always made of metal. Wood can add a warm feel to any room or furniture piece. Kennedy Hardware offers a beautiful assortment of functional accent hardware made from various types of oak, cherry and walnut.

We have an extensive catalog of drawer pulls, knobs, keyhole covers, spindles, or other wood parts for your home or furniture restoration project. These pieces can be simple and functional, or intricate carved designs to add decorative flair to any furniture or room.

Oak Chair Spindle
ITEM# O-24
desc here
Wheat Center with Scrolls Onlay
ITEM# AW-700
desc here
Plume Scroll Paired Onlays
ITEM# AW-561
desc here
Scrolls with Harvest Center Onlay
ITEM# AW-3626
desc here
Harvest Pattern Center Applique
ITEM# AW-3325
desc here
Long Sellers Tambour Roll Door
desc here
Extra Large Scroll with Center Onlay
ITEM# AW-3584
desc here
Feather Upsweep Scroll Paired Onlay
ITEM# AW-673
desc here
Cartouche Center with Scroll Onlay
ITEM# AW-613
desc here
Oak Screw Hole Button Plugs
desc here
Flower Vase Center With Scroll Onlay
ITEM# AW-605
desc here
Table Slide Extender
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