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Skeleton Keys

Skeleton Keys are bit and barrel keys used to open locks on fine furniture.  There are three parts of a skeleton key:  the bow, the barrel, and the bit.  The diameter of the barrel, and the cut and size of the bit are the most important items when matching a lock.  All of our keys are reproductions of functional keys used on locks for antique furniture.  If you are trying to find the “right” key, we usually recommend the KY-10S, which is a set of ten of our most functional keys.  We also offer a KY-20S which gives you a few additional options.    We carry keys from the simplest classic design’s to beautiful heavy ornamentals, in a variety of sizes and materials. All of our keys are great for awards, marketing purposes, as novelties for events, or for use as promotions.  What could be more symbolic than giving a loved one a “key to a bright future?” 

Fancy Bulk Skeleton Keys Package
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