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Hoosier Style Hinges

These are hinges that are specific for Hoosier style cabinets.  Kennedy Hardware has hinges for Boone, Hoosier, Sellers, Napannee and McDougall.  

Sellers Brass Fold Back Hinge
ITEM# I-46
desc here
McDougall Brass Foldback Cabinet Hinge
ITEM# I-40
desc here
Sellers Brass Wrap Around Hinge
ITEM# I-45
desc here
Art Deco Flush Brass Hinge Pair
ITEM# I-35
desc here
Brass Art Deco Offset Hinge Pair
ITEM# I-36
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Oil Rubbed Bronze Art Deco Flush Hinge
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McDougall Brass Offset Hinge
ITEM# I-41
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