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Chemicals, Tools, and Restoration Supplies

Restoration Supplies Properly restoring or refurbishing your vintage or antique furniture to like-new condition often requires more than the restoration hardware we're famous for -- it might also require items from a wide variety of antique furniture restoration supplies. And when it comes to making your furniture refurbishment project easier, Kennedy Hardware is your one-stop online shop for everything you need. From waxes and putty pencils to glues and agers and epoxies, Kennedy Hardware carries the furniture repair supplies to help you do your restoration project right. We also carry beeswax, bonders and debonders, small woodworking tools and plenty more. So browse our full online selection of antique furniture refurbishment supplies. Chances are you'll discover something you need that can save you a last-minute trip to the hardware store. And don't forget, once you place your order, we ship the same or next business day!

Chair Spline Chisel
ITEM# S-840
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EZ Bond Epoxy 5 Minute Set Time
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Zip Kicker CA Accelerator
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Easy Bond Instant Super Glues 10 Pack
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