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Brass has a long history of use throughout homes and on furniture due to its durability and beauty.  Brass is produced by making an alloy of zinc and copper.  It has natural anti-microbial properties and resistance to corrosion which makes it a great choice for kitchens and baths.  In the hardware industry, brass is also prized for its ability to take on almost any form, last forever, and ages naturally and beautifully with time.  We carry a large variety of stamped and cast pieces produced in solid or plated brass to add the finishing touches to any project.

Small Cabinet Door Pull With Pierced Back Plate
ITEM# E-705
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Cast Brass Triple Leg Trunk Edge Clamp
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3" Heavy Duty Plated Steel Door Or Window Hinge With Ball Tips
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Extra Catches For Sellers "S" Latch
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Fancy Bulk Skeleton Keys Package
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Arts & Crafts Mission Pyramid Brass Knob
ITEM# K-62
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