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Nothing dresses up vintage or antique furniture like oak appliques, also known as gingerbread appliques. These decorative wood accent pieces add a classic elegance to your old-style furniture or restoration furniture project. At Kennedy Hardware we've got dozens of oak appliques to match what you are missing, or to dress up the look of a vintage furniture piece. These embossed appliques come in a variety of patterns and sizes, from intricate and delicate styles to strong and stout-looking designs. Sold singly or in matching pairs, all oak furniture appliques from Kennedy Hardware have time-honored designs that will bring your restoration furniture project to life. 

Feather Upsweep Scroll Paired Onlay
ITEM# AW-673
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Cartouche Center with Scroll Onlay
ITEM# AW-613
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Flower Vase Center With Scroll Onlay
ITEM# AW-605
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