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Looking for skeleton keys? Look no further. Kennedy Hardware is your home for a large inventory of inexpensive skeleton keys, available for bulk purchase or individual use. Bulk Purchases and Individual Uses: Bulk skeleton keys are great for awards, marketing purposes, as novelties for events, or for use as promotions. And Kennedy Hardware stocks a variety of antique keys in multiple styles, from the simplest classic designs to the most ornamental. Our antique skeleton keys are great for individual use, too. Need a graduation or wedding gift? What could be more symbolic than giving a loved one a "key to a bright future"? Our antique skeleton keys also make meaningful birthday and nostalgic gifts that instantly bring back memories of simpler times. How Skeleton Keys Are Used: Of course, most of our antique skeleton keys in our huge inventory are also functional. The right antique key can be used as a passkey to lock and unlock fine cabinetry, vintage cabinets, trunks, roll top desks, and antique doors in homes. If you have multiple antique or vintage locks, many keys in our inventory can serve as master keys. For more modern locks, these old-style keys can sometimes function as lever lock keys. And if you need to replace a complete antique lockset, Kennedy Hardware sells several varieties for doors, drawers, cabinets, and other furniture uses. Regardless of how you plan to use your antique keys, Kennedy Hardware has dozens of antique skeleton keys to choose from, in a variety of styles, sizes and materials. We stock die-cast keys, along with keys made from solid brass, cast iron, and nickel-plated malleable iron. We also sell keys of polished brass and ones plated with bronze. And if you're not sure which antique key will suit your needs, Kennedy Hardware also carries sample key rings with assortments of skeleton keys so you'll be sure to have the right key when you need it. Remember, at Kennedy Hardware, we offer quick shipping on all orders, as well as wholesale pricing discounts on orders over $133.00. Check out our complete selection of antique skeleton keys and order today!

Fancy Cast Iron Jailers Key Set
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Fancy Bulk Skeleton Keys Package
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